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Re: Most effective/stable events plugin?

Mike Pratt


@Peter you are correct, the EdgeTech event plugin, aside from not integrating with BP at all, is a disaster. Anything user (read ‘non-admin type) related should bend over backwards to keep you OUT of the back end.

Erwins 1.1.3 version was light years ahead of this one. The 1.2 version will rock even more. There’s no wheel re0invetion necessary here. Facebook does events magnificently. The input process is intuitive and erwin’s plugin is similar.

Additionally, you can comment on events, before and after, integrate Google Maps, rsvp, etc. Groups or individuals can have events. From what I understand, Brajesh is working on making media inegrated with events (the obvious case being pics of the event) This will not be an expanded community calendar. The jQuery use of calendars is to provide a handy mechanism to display events by type, group, etc (as it shoudl be)

Will it be perfect? Nope. But I’d wager it’ll be the best BP integrated alternative out there (certainly head and shoulders above that stuff pimped by

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