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Re: Most effective/stable events plugin?



@Mike Pratt, I think you missed the point of my question. I’m looking for an event solution that is only for the Admin; an event management tool that’s more like a self-hosted EventBrite than what Facebook has, including payment bridge, confirmation emails and things like that.

My site is for a monthly networking event, so a good event management tool is essential. I now rely mostly on

It is not clear to me if that will be part of Erwin’s plugin. I hope it will be. I posted the links to the other plugins to encourage him/them to look into how they handle these things. Perhaps they can copy some parts. If they don’t do it, I’ll probably try to do it myself when I get to it.

Also if the plugin is end-user focused by default it may not be usable at all in my case, so I just wanted to put in a vote for my type of use case. I hope it’s possible to make it Admin-only.

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