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Re: Multiple Budypress Networks, one install



The entire reason I went to wpmu in the first place is that I was getting tired of having to do a fresh install of wp for each new client I get. It made it much easier to just have one install, and give each client their own sub-domain blog using domain mapping to make them appear independent.

Then buddypress came out and I started to receive a large amount of requests for it. Obviously I did not have the ability to do this as they would all be able to see any group/forum created by other sites on the wpmu network.

In the end, now I have to create brand new wpmu sites for each client, and maintain them separately. That is really a huge pain, and takes so much of my time having to update each site one at a time.

anyhow, having the ability to do this with bp would be a huge timesaver for me. I understand what it is going to take to accomplish, and realize there would be backwards compatibility issues, but truly hope it makes it into the core someday. For now, I just really try to discourage my clients from using buddypress, as I don’t want to manage 100+ separate wpmu installs just so they can all have bp.

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