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Re: Multiple registration pages

Rose Taylor



Thanks for the help. I understand how to create additional groups and fields. In there it says only fields added to the base group or ID=1 will be displayed on the registration page. Looking at Dorothy’s page it looks like she has multiple groups in there. I wanted to do the same. I don’t see a way of creating a group under that base group.

I could create all of the fields under the base group but this will cause display issues under the profile. I want certain info to display in a certain order (company and contact information). Code in register.php only calls one group. Not proficient in php enough to change it to call one or more by ID. Obviously the base group is 1. Can change this to any other but need to add multiple. i.e. group 1 and 3. Any ideas would help me a lot.

<?php if ( function_exists( 'bp_has_profile' ) ) : if ( bp_has_profile( 'profile_group_id=1' ) ) : while ( bp_profile_groups() ) : bp_the_profile_group(); ?
missing closing at the end i know
Do you know also why all of the information in a profile display as a link? Please see for more information. Thanks in advance for any help.

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