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Re: Multiple user types – possible?



OK, I know this might not be well-received, but learning a bit of PHP will allow you to do almost anything with WP (and break some stuff too). It’s not that different in syntax than javascript (at least functions).

I’m not a programmer, but a guy who bought a book on PHP/MySQL awhile back and WP is so easy you could teach yourself the basic stuff.

If you’re not comfortable building things from scratch, start with a plugin that does 70%+ what you want and then toy with it. I’ve been able to butcher a few plugins into exactly what I need. Also learned JQuery from w3Schools and JQuery is amazing.

I’ll be trying to solve the challenge presented here sometime in March. I believe some future BPCONTENTS plugin should do it, but until then there should be enough WP functions/hooks to make this relatively simple with a nice JQuery front end.

If you run across an example that has different levels (some needing approval), please share.

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