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Re: Multiple user types – possible?



I’m too cheap/stupid to pay for a solution that doesn’t need any tweaking and I certainly can’t afford to pay someone for customizations at this point.

As open source software, I assume I’ll be making significant changes if I’m impatient. I think there is acknowledgement that some of these “features” should be in core at some point and they are asking the community to input on their priorities. In the meantime, I’ll make my hackish solution to user, group types and many other things.

I’m willing along with others here to post what we’ve done with NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES.

If that’s not acceptable, there are other community softwares available at different pricepoints.

Learning enough php to make what you want should be backbreaking if you know javascript or other client-side stuff. I taught myself Flash when everyone thought that was the wave of the future. That was way more painful than php.

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