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Re: Multiple user types – possible?



Why’s that worrisome? It just shows how fast you can get results with BP.

Only when you are a PHP programmer. If you are not, you waste weeks figuring out little things like storing firstname/lastname, fixing Ajax buttons that are intricately connected with CSS elements and fixing plugins that break between versions of WPMU.

The worrisome thing is when BP developers assume the end users are all PHP programmers. Or if they are not, that they should learn PHP.

WordPress was originally intended for content creators who know some html/css, but don’t have to know “programming”. I’d hate to see Buddypress abandon that goal.

That basically means you talk an aweful lot about things you really don’t know that much about…

I don’t and make that very clear, but I still need to figure out ways to get these little things to work or they would derail my project. And I can’t afford to hire anyone to do it for me.

I know general structural things; I don’t know programming from scratch. In particular working with arrays etc. is pure hocus pocus to me.

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