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Re: My site got killing slow and some special characters broken



@thelandman Thanks for your reply.

Settings were fine. The characters problem seems to be gone.
And since I deactivated the SI Captcha, the slowness too.
Except for the homepage, which displays the activity stream. It actually do render fast, but it the loading seems to keep going endelessly, if you know what I mean. Like “something”, a script maybe, is being charged forever. But at the list all the necessary JS and CSS are loaded fast.

As for shared hosting, yeah, that is where I am at for now. Cureuphoria does not have SO much trafic for the moment. But I my consider switching for another service.
I don’t know if taking another shared host on MT and put only *one* website does the difference, or it’s the limitation of the sharad host itself and not how many sites you have in it that shared to be slower.

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