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Re: Need Help Cloning/Modifying the ”Groups” Widget

Very often with errors in either scripting or markup the reported point of error is not necessarily where the actual problem starts from it’s just where the validation finally fails to be able to parse the logic.

You are saying ‘IF’ something then do something and we are waiting for that to be finished, however you are only showing a snippet of code out of context which does mean one can only base things on what is shown.

looks like you have lifted the code that is used for the ‘if no widgets run the add widgets error markup’ that is really used more for distributed themes, the ! ‘not’ operator is useful for saying if these functions don’t exist and can’t be called then fallback to this following markup/script. Your code as written needs endif;

You can write the dynamic sidebar call in a more straightforward manner?

if ( function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) )
dynamic_sidebar(“Profile Groups Area”) ;

The WP codex page gives more info:

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