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Re: Needing Help converting fron RC-1 to BuddyPress Plugin on existant site



Jeff, it sounds as if I might be better off keeping the platform the way that it is. But, unfortunately, I do not see that as being possible. I am wondering if I just remove the BP all together and then add the BP plugin, if it would be better. Then I could restructure from there. The themes and all would be simple to rework and design out the way that we want them. As for the member side of it, we can have all the members redo their profiles in the member section, which might not be a bad thing.

I am not sure if this will have a bearing on it, but from what my BP-Core file shows, this is the version that I have: define( ‘BP_CORE_VERSION’, ‘1.0-RC1’ );

Either way, it sounds like many steps have changed. Let me know what you think of the change up above if you think it would be the easier route. Otherwise, I might have to hire someone that can redo it all and just send me the files back.

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