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Re: New 1.2 SWA and Blog/Forum syncing: Feedback Needed

John James Jacoby


And if I could reply to only Jeff right now, I would say T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM!

But since I can’t I just forked this conversation in a totally new direction! :D How’s that for activity.

I think Jeff is right, but it isn’t feasible since the queries it would take to pull that off would be astronomical. The reason this is an activity cache table is because it is where activity is stored in an easier to gather fashion. Maybe cache is the wrong word, but it’s doing what it says by being an easier way to combine other queries into one easy to get, light on its feet query of site wide activity.

The only other solution would be to branch activity comments off into a separate table, but that would require a query for each group of comments, instead of just grabbing all of what’s relevant and dumping it out.

Back to the original topic I suppose, but I think the talking back and forth between the components isn’t really the job of the core to do. The activity stream is a functional component of BuddyPress, and BuddyPress can exist without blogs, comments, and forums. In that scenario activity commenting doesn’t matter because there’s nothing to sync with. If someone needs to sync that data, they can make a plugin to do it, just like someone made a plugin to sync bbPress replies to blog posts and vice versa.

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