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Re: New 1.2 SWA and Blog/Forum syncing: Feedback Needed

Mike Pratt


@jjj Yes, you see it that way but I will put forth that you are in the minority. Everyone I come across who classifies themselves as a regular user type thinks that SWA entries are actually the entries themselves. They have no idea that when the comment was originally posted it was also written to the activity cache (the reason for which I totally understand – views and on the fly queries are very computationally expensive)

So that is the issue – given they think that what is being represented in the SWA is the comment itself, they naturally think they are replying TO that comment. But in BP they are not. I know Facebook is not a fair comparison but it’s what are users already know and when they comment in-line on FB they ARE commenting on the original stream… so at a minimum, we’ll have to unlearn that behavior to avoid the “Oh, I didn’t realize remarks”

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