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Re: New 1.2 SWA and Blog/Forum syncing: Feedback Needed



Originally posted by Andy:

It may be worth considering disabling comments on these items and instead providing a link to be able to comment at the location of the original content.

I would like to see a BuddyPress admin option to disable activity commenting for components we deem not worthy of having it. I would use this option for blog comments and forum posts.

Although the “live” aspect wouldn’t be fostered, we should only have one focused stream for blog comments and forum posts, rather than the original stream (blog comment, forum replies) and a multiple activity comment stream.

To Bowe, Mike and whoever else is reading, I put up a ticket with this issue awhile ago –

Feel free to chime in.

The other issue raised by Mike of auto-joining a group on a forum reply is interesting. On, I made a reply to a group forum post and thus, joined the group.

Then I visited my group activity stream and noticed these new group activity posts in my stream and said to myself “I don’t really want these items in my group stream!”.

So the issue is if you make a ton of group forum replies to groups that you’re not a member of, your personal group stream will become littered!

Mike, how do you plan on handling this on your BP site?

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