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Re: New admin bar for mu at mu trunk #1584

Burt Adsit


Hey Trent. Ya, I found this plugin a while a go and loved it too. When I found it, I was using 2.6.2 and the backend was miserable. Took 10 min go get where I needed to go. Vipers admin bar helped. I was running the 2.6 backend using Vipers bar and the front was the bp bar.

Now the backend of mu is better in 2.7 and I see little reason to use the Viper bar there. The Viper bar is now part of mu. Just a switch flip away from any site admin on the planet. You and I both know what that means. Site admins are gonna want to be able to have the functionality of both on the front end as options to their bp community members.

When mu 2.7 gets out of trunk, bp site admins are going to see stock mu sites running the Viper bar.

(aside) I don’t know who Viper007Bond actually is but he’s gonna be famous for his ‘Viper Bar’. We can make that happen ya know. Just keep calling it the VIPER BAR! Everywhere. Kinda catchy isn’t it? I just can’t stay out of trouble.

What was I saying? Oh, I agree that the utility of the VIPER BAR! is what I was looking for when I talked about integration. I want the same goodies to be available in the bp bar.

(here we go again.. aside) We gotta think of a better term than ‘the bp adminbar’ for the bp adminbar. Speaking as a sometime, solely out of desperation, marketing weasel, ‘bp adminbar’ sucks. buddybar. I kinda like buddybar. ‘Course I haven’t slept in 26hrs. That may be why I like it. No I haven’t been drinking.

I want the blogging goodies as well as the social goodies.

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