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Re: NEW Avenue K9 BP 1.1 Theme Released



so the way this child theme is built is by changing the different values in the stylesheet as well as editing/deleting/editing images. it’s not touching the bp core nor the parent theme, so that upgrades are easy to maintain — you’re just upgrading the parent theme files all the time, which will pass on the upgrades to the child theme.

here’s where things get slightly tricky… because this child theme relies solely on css, there’s really no way to delete the third homepage widget from the Dashboard Widget panel, because all the css is doing is telling your browser to hide that element from view, not delete the piece of php that calls it to display in the Dashboard. to do that, you’d have to copy over functions.php from the parent theme, move it to the child theme and edit out the lines of code that call the ‘third-section’.

here’s another slightly tricky part… let’s say BP 1.2 has a whole host of new features that are called through functions.php, then you’d have to copy over that file again to your child theme folder and make the homepage widget edits again — not a *huge* deal since it’ll only take you about a good minute or two, but it’s just something that you or any theme author will have to remember every time you upgrade.

as to the actual order of the widgets, i’m not really sure what happened there, to be honest. i’ve accessed my avek9 1.1 bp install and ‘first-section’ is laid out on the left, the ‘second-section’ is on the right and the ‘third-section’ is hidden from view (but it would be located to the right, moving ‘second-section’ to the middle), so everything should display that way. i can tell you one thing that controls them are the ‘float’ (left or right) properties (or you can lay out everything with z-index and margins). hopefully, that helps explain it a bit!

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