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Re: new blog posts do not show up in activity stream



Well I have spent the last couple of hours troubleshooting this issue. It turns out it is only one blog on my system that is not posting to the activity stream.

About the only thing I can see different between that blog and others is that when I go to create an article, give it a title, the permalink is not being auto set before I publish the article. The last few times I saw that issue it was a problem with my theme itself, so I am going to have to dig further into my theme. The weird part is this does not effect any of the functionality of my theme itself. I’ll now go through turning off all plugins and changing themes to verify the issue.

I know one issue I am having is tons of mod security errors in my log. I’m curious if there are any freelance ‘sysadmins’ here that may have the ability to lend a hand dealing with the mod security part. I know that I don’t want to turn it off, but rather need to come up with a ‘proper’ set of rules for bp itself.

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