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Re: New BP Chat plugin for Buddypress



@Michael Berra: Localization is possible. Someone will have to create the language files though. The code is written in English at the moment.

@Everyone: Also, I’ve made some upgrades to chat over the past 2 days – it now has an even more streamlined status bar; a new sound feature that plays a brief audio file when someone sends you a new message; and when the chat window is minimized a little popup appears if someone sends you a message. You can also set yourself as visible to everyone or just your friends, or make yourself completely unavailable for chat in general. Chat history now includes date separation plus time stamps.

This first rendition is nearly done. Still on the agenda for this version: Let users delete their chat history, let the site admin trim history for everyone if the need arises.

I looked at adding “person A chatted with person B” to the activity screen but at the moment it doesn’t seem worth the effort, plus some people might not want that showing up. Anybody have an opinion about this sort of feature?

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