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Re: New BuddyPress 1.2 default theme

D Cartwright


@Andy Peatling

I don’t suppose you could give us any info in regards to the planned widget options for the site? It would be quite nice to be able to specify different widgets for some pages (for example, the group pages/group components) but from the sounds of what you’re aiming at in terms of a site with a consistent interface, that might not be what you’re going for.

Obviously we can mod anything we need in but the lazy and selfish part of me hopes that you’re designing stuff exactly as I want it :p


Also thought I’d mention that it might be nice to change the theme so that clicking on your avatar also directs you to your profile page (in addition to clicking on your name). Several of our users have requested this. As before, we can mod this in if need be, but it seems like something that would be a nice feature for most installations.

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