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Re: New BuddyPress Geo plugin



I’d like to use this on a current project I have, but being a BP/WPMU newbie, I’m a little lost about setting it up. I have it installed, I’m just not sure about what goes in the following fields:

“Which group contains the location information?”

“Which field represents each user’s location?”

“Which field represents a description for each user (i.e. ‘About Me’)?”

Any chance any one else has used this and could give me a quick breakdown of what they’re for, and how I’d go about setting them up. I would’ve posted on the BraveNewCode forums, but I guess those are down for a while. Also, I can’t find any documentation on the site for it.

I’m now using another 3rd party plugin for membership to the site (WP eMember). While it has its own table, it also creates a matching WP user for each of the members it creates. I was thinking of adding some code to add users to a group on creation of their profile, and then using this group as the group that “contains the location information”. Am I on the right track?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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