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Re: New Buddypress Groups design.. Group Hierarchy



Ok an update on this…. You can now categorize groups as much as you want… like game_consoles->game_publishers->genres->games or whatever…. but I have been thinking that for genres or something you may want to organize this by tags?

Right now the meta tags that this requires for each group are ‘parent_cat’ which holds the parent groups id (-1 if global category or 0 if it has no parent (the 0 value is meant for user created groups which don’t go under any category and are just a general group..)) and the other meta tag is ‘group_type’ which is used to check whether the group is an admin created group and is for a category or if it is a user created group (which means it can’t have any sub groups tied to it)

Do you think this is structured enough for pretty much all uses? Also would you like me to create a separate plugin which works with this one in order to add tagging to groups?

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