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Re: New Code: show forum posts since last visit

Mike Pratt


1. Andy is about to put everything into Groups on this site (where I think they belong) I know everyone wants to stick with the old forum b-board model but think of it this way: While you point out that everything is “front and center” here…that’s exactly the problem. You have to wade through tons of stuff you don’t care about just to track what you want. Now, you might say, well….just categorize within forums. That’s exactly what Groups are. They are contextual groupings. But a category is 1 dimensional. A group is extensible to make the Group so much more than slapping a category on a topic. To each his own, but to me, a forum is just one part of a much bigger concept.

2. Just curious (seriously) What is all this extending people want to do with forums (is bbPress) I am having trouble wrapping my head around what was deemed “weak forum functionality” What is it supposed to do that it already isn’t? There are a few plugins underway to integrate a few things into the activity stream (media, etc) (which, therefore, integrates them into the forums) and maybe I can see some tweaking to the forum listing page) I’m all for adding capabilities, but everywhere Iv’e seen them implemented, the forums (in Groups) do an awesome job of being the discussion framework.

PS Awesome idea on “posts since last visit” btw

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