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Re: New FB Autoconnect Plugin for WP…will it work with MU/BP?



OK, I’ve upgraded. Under Debug Options I see a selected checkbox with Disable BuddyPress filters. What are Buddypress filters? Should I enable them?

there should never be a need to manually edit the plugin, no matter what you want to change – there are filters and actions for that, and if you need another filter/action somewhere else, I can add it so there will never be a need to edit the plugin directly. I’m pretty sure the 2 actions & 1 filter I’ve included should be sufficient for most usual needs, though

What are these actions and filters? I see nothing about them in the settings area. Will they let me add queries, change how userdata is stored in the wp and other databases, like a mailing list? Does anyone have examples how to do that the official way? I’m not a programmer…

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