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Re: New Groupblog Plugin

Mike Pratt


@Boone – that looks like a logical and necessary change

@Marisooms – I have some questions and thoughts regarding the Group Blog concept. PLease understand this critique is in the context of my particular use case, although I believe it to be a very common one.

The Group Bog plugin/tool looks to be quite powerful. In our case, our users are not looking for all that power. We just want to be able to write blog posts as “part of” a group. When you install and run Group Blogs (bp-gb for short), an entirely new blog is created with a url not subordinate to the group. Ex we have a group called USMA-1987 for the class of ’87 on my dev site ( if you care to see the issues). bp-gb created a blog at instead of or something like that. When you are viewing blog posts, you are looking at the standard individual blog and widget structure, NOT another section of the Group -> now this may be a bug/error as I once saw that but for the last 2 group blogs I created, there are no Group menus or sections for the group blog showing up. weird.

Bottom line is, the user should never leave the group menu/system environment when dealing with the group blog. In our case, group admins are more like moderators and should not have to do things like configure Akismet, widgets, etc. So I will have to go in and do that for every group. We’re just looking for a little extra group functionality as opposed to an entire group blog ecosystem.

I still think this is the best effort down this path and i am determined to figure a solution out so thanks for the work.

If anyone can hazard a guess why this group -> HAS a group blog, created by the plugin at -> but (as you can see) there are o references to it on the group home page, I would very much appreciate the insight. Thanks

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