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Re: New member blogs post on diffrent theme

Burt Adsit


I think I understand the question now. Takes me awhile sometimes. :)

When you install mu you are installing a multi-user blog community. People register and create their own blogs. As the Site Admin of this vast and wonderful new community, you get to oversee the chaos. Each and every new user in your Infini community is a blog admin and they get to choose the blog theme. The way it looks is up to them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you. You control what themes are available for them to choose from. (I know don’t end sentences with a preposition)

Any themes *you* install and enable are there for selection by your new blog admin/owners.

EDIT: Stop here Burt and read the question again. You are going on about something unrelated to what the question is.

So, like I wasn’t saying above, yes you can have all users in your mu community running the bp home theme. I had never considered doing that though. Hmmm. Yep, it’ll work. It can’t think of any negative side effects at the moment. You just need to have the blog owners choose that as a theme.

‘Site Policy #17a’ : Thou shalt run the bp home theme.

YETANOTHEREDIT: (sigh) There’s an easier way you moron. Get a clue Burt.

The default mu theme is the default mu theme for new blogs. That’s why they call it the default.

I remember playing with the ‘default’ directory under /wp-content/themes. I wiped it and put a different theme in there. The only problem I remember having was mu got confused a bit by two themes registering as ‘theme x’. I deleted the copy of the theme that was laying around under /themes and mu seemed happier. It fired up my selection of tarski being the default theme. I didn’t find any toggles or switches to flip in mu, I just stuffed what I wanted into the ‘default’ directory and went on with life.

EDIT AGAIN: Maybe you should refer them to advice from someone who has slept in the past 24hrs.

Is that what you are talking about?

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