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Re: New method for BP theme

Jeff Sayre


When you run on the bleeding edge, you have to accept the changes!

The BP themes that WPMU DEV currently provide are are not designed with the parent/child architecture in mind. You need to talk with them to get support.

Details About the New Theme Architecture

With BuddyPress version 1.1–which will be officially released in the next several weeks–there will no longer be bhome and bpmember themes. Instead, BuddyPress will adopt the parent/child theme architecture that WP 2.7 makes possible.

Backwards compatibility will remain for a while for those that want/need to use the old theming architecture. To use the old theme architecture, you need to keep the /bp-themes/ directory. Place your old member themes in there. BuddyPress should override the new theme architecture in favor of the old one if you have a /bp-themes/ directory. However, please note that support for the old theme architecture will eventually be phased out. You will eventually need to update your themes to a parent/child architecture.

Learn more about parent/child themes in WordPress.

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