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Re: New plugin: Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar

Accessing the menu names is sadly as difficult as I had first thought, I have two arrays that respectively hold the menu regions and menu object parts but finding a method to check one against the other is proving allusive. What I have established is that the menu name attached to a particular menu region does not belong to the nav-menu.php functions but more to the theme functions and makes things problematic, as a new method needs to be written to check a menu region for an explicit but unknown menu name and that isn’t proving simple to theorise let alone start writing.

At this moment it is something that will have to, sadly, go on the back burner as the cost in time so far outweighs the end result, I’ll revisit as and when I get any inspiration on an approach to try but it may require someone far more familiar in the WordPress API than I am.

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