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Re: New plugin: Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar

@pcwriter oops sorry missed this post.

That’s exactly what I was talking about and exactly what I had intended to implement but it probably got overlooked in the original thread, I spent a considerable amount of time reading through all the nav-menu files trying to see how these user added menu labels were referenced but couldn’t puzzle it out. I posted a topic on the WP support forums waited and waited re posted re phrasing the question but it was clearly too much for WP support to deal with ;-)

I’m not happy with hardcoding the labels for custom menus it was never the real intention, I can try your code snippet but think I established that the menu name or slug isn’t available in that array, it’s more an admin dashboard object but I may be wrong. Just wish there was some serious documentation on the WP codex, at the moment two seemingly important functions are simply lacking any documentation

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