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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

You can tweak the timeout/sensitivity with hoverintent in the js file

2. Instead of disrupting the page layout with an expanding div, do an overlay div like snap,

i have a firefox extension that does an overlay pop-up div to preview a thread – the problem is determining the pop above or below the link depending where it is placed on the page (and scroll), for some reason I was unable to get this to work properly across all browsers for this plugin. (i think chrome has issues with scrolltop?)

So the div methods meets my needs – if someone out there wants to code in a proper div with that requirement working then i’ll add it in.

1. Instead of making the whole title “hot” for the mouseover, append a small mouseover [preview link] to the end of the topic title.

a preview button would be nice – though with the way i’m pulling data and passing it along – it was easier to use the a href.

Bug report: Activating ‘BuddyPress Forums Extras – Activity’ kills Quoting on my install. Same issue existed with 0.1.9b3.

oh bugger – i didn’t even check this. i’m able to reproduce it so i’ll get a fix up today.

Not sure what ‘Activity’ is meant to do, actually, so I’m not too worried — just wanted to check it out.

Well this is just a ‘in theory’ plugin – so if a forum post has some sort of activity stream replies/comment on it – you can view those comments directly from the forum thread (or be aware what is being talked about in the activity stream)

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