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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

rich! @ etiviti


Btw, the sigs won’t work UNTIL you update the admin settings and choose a max length / max lines. May be best to set a default value for that?

believe i fixed that in the latest (0.1.3 – i just tested on a fresh install/new db) and it caught the _ck_ default values of 3 lines and 300 chars. if anyone else that installs – please verify this for me.

linking the ‘said’ to the post has proven not to be so trivial. since in the doing ajax i don’t have a reference to the topic template global and topic_permalink. Then on the bb_ side of things – that will return the internal bbpress install location. i may setup a hidden field like i do for nonce and pass it in via the ajax post

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