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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras



I am using bp 1.2.1, hope to test and upgrade to 1.2.2 later today.

I installed and activated forum extras 1.5, and then turned on signatures. Went into bp admin and clicked enter for signatures so that the info was in the db.

The problem I have is then any bp related page is blank. What is really weird is there are no errors being reported on the server logs like normally happens with a white screen. I have checked all the server logs, php, general, etc…

This has been going on since forum extras 1.3. I had a white screen back then and did not try to upgrade or run forum extras again until just now.

I can provide server login info if needed for troubleshooting, although with no errors in the logs, not sure how much that would help.

It’s no emergency or anything as I was not really planning on utilizing the current forum extra tools, but was more waiting for your ‘multi’ forum plugin add on coming later.

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