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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

@etiviti you rock. Thanks for your speedy replies.

I’ve had your forum extras installed for a couple days and things were fine. I just tried to install a TinyMCE plugin – – which works great as well.

Unfortunately with BP-TinyMCE activated the Quote function no longer loads any text in the comment box. It just changes to “quoted” but that’s all that seems to happen.

Do you know what’s causing the conflict? Is it something you can change or is it a problem with BP-TinyMCE? I *need* a way for my users to format their topics so if it comes down to it I’ll just leave Quote deactivated…but it would be cool to have both. Perhaps if you get it working you can include BP-TinyMCE in forum extras?

WP 2.9.2 BP

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