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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras



Hey @etiviti,

I’ve been putting the Buddypress Group Forum Extras on

after messing and modding a little bit I have some questions.

The bbcode for [color] doesn’t work, so I modded the bbcode plugin to support this, This now works.

(Shown here : )

Next “BuddyPress Forums Extras – BBCode (noshortcode)” enabled

After posting something with bbshort codes and then going to edit this becomes HTML due to this plugin, Is this correct? As this conversion is not needed due to the bbcode pluging running as well.

Now if this is intended could there be an option to turn the conversion off, (I’ve modded the php file manually to stop doing it as I like the bbcode _ck_ buttons it adds but didn’t like the back to HMTL it was doing…)

also the HTML it was doing is breaking the color codes anyway for some reason. – they didn’t work when displayed but showed correct as <font color=””> when editing…

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