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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

i’m not sure (i’d really need more info from you and the steps, data entered into a post reply, raw db data for the post content, etc)… the only common filter is group_forum_post_text_before_save in which this plugin replaces the bbcode with html before db insert.

looking at tweetstream and the function tweetstream_topicReply and tweetstream_twitterIt that pushes out to twitter – maybe it is not escaping properly.

twitter revoked my api access for using tweetstream – so not something i can test out.

I did notice one thing tweetstream sets the _before_save filter at priority 9 – where as bbcode is at priority 11. And it looks like tweatstream only sends the topic_title content (something i’m not filtering on at all)

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