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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forums – Move Topic



Hey 3sixty, just been testing this plugin out and it seems to work well. It has thrown up a couple of questions for me about the way in which BP works. I’m a total novice so bear with me.

I noticed that the drop down list contained a couple of group names that I thought I had edited in the past. I had created 2 groups in the past with an extra word in the title that I did not want. I had edited these successfully but your plugin had picked up their original name in the DD list.

I looked at the URL and low and behold, even though the name displayed in the group was the edited one, the URL was actually showing the old, original name.

The same thing is true for the forums too. After i deleted the offending groups and re created them with the new names (your plugin showed these new names) I recreated the forum names too. The forum names are now given a URL with a -1 after the name now, indicating the original forum name must still be on the database.

After you move a forum topic to another forum also the topic is actually still available in it’s original group through a direct URL.

Is there anywhere to go into the database to clean these things up?

Also one thing that would be great with your plugin would be to order the drop down in Alphabetical order rather than order of creation. Any way we can do that?

Great work though. It was something that was lacking from BP as standard so thanks. My site hasn’t launched yet but if I end up needing to use it, I’ll Paypal you some funds over to say thanks!

Ross :)

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