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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forums – Move Topic



Update on the being able to acceess a topic through it’s orginal group after it was moved.

It actually seems as though you can view ANY topic in ANY group by typing in the topic name into the URL so that is just the way BP is and shouldn’t be a problem.

My quesry still stands though about old forum topics staying in the DB. They seem to stick around. If you create a forum topic. delete it and create it again the url is given a number e.g. 1, 2 etc to signify how many copies of that forum topic there have been created.

I have over 2000 groups on my site. If I delete topics I could do with them gone permanently as to not leave behind clutter.

Is that an issue for my database or not in terms of performance etc?

Thanlks again,

Ross :)

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