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Re: New Plugin: Group Activity Stream Email Notifications

Thanks, r-a-y,

Basically what r-a-y has said is completely correct. It hooks into the action for recording an activity and then emails everyone in the group with a notification of the activity. The idea of this is that it can catch pretty much anything related to a group – so forums, ‘wire posts’, group joins, wiki edits, etc can all be included. By default it will support the buddypress basic functions + our groupwiki functions but I’m also trying to build in an easy way for people to extend this to support their own plugins with just a small amount of additional code to their plugin file.

Even without building in specific support for a plugin this will grab an activity update for a group and email it out, with a generic description for the activity type rather than something specific.

The feedback I’ve had so far suggests that users want a bit more control over default behviour/settings of the plugin and for a way for group admins/mods to post ‘must have’ alerts. I’m hoping to add this in the next couple of days and get the plugin out by Friday or some point over the weekend.

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