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Re: [New Plugin]External Member Blogs



i saw this briefly on your site a couple weeks ago. I am looking forward to working with it. I have been doing the same thing but in a round about way. On multisite i just have users add their rss feed url to a subblog setup on something like feedwordpress/wpomatic. It works well but I’m having performance issues.

How will this plugin stand up as far as performance?

I like the way I’m doing it now because of the expanse of what can be done with wordpress posts. You can manage and manipulate the posts.

How will external member blogs allow us to handle the activity items for external posts? Is it possible to call them seperately something like (type=external_post) ? Is it easy enough to exclude them from the general activity feed?

Tags, Categories? How does it handle images?

I remember when the groups external feed plugin came out, this was one the first things I asked about doing…for members. I look forward to the future development of this plugin. Thanks for it.

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