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Re: New theme framework and exisiting WP themes



I prefer the other way around:

– The parent theme will be the original WP theme without modifications (or with light modifications in headers to add the BP navigation).

– The child theme will be the BP theme framework, but without the redundant files ( header, footer, archives, index, etc).

Why? Because some complex WP themes (specially frameworks) have a complex file structure, including internal PHP files with code that is loaded with something like:

load_template( TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/theme_functions.php' );

TEMPLATEPATH points to the parent theme folder, which means that the included file won’t be found if the theme is a child theme.

If you use this setup, you won’t need to hack the WP theme.

Of course your BP theme will need to be modified to work, because it probably contains some load_template calls.

I tried this with the Thesis theme and it works really good.

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