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Re: New theme framework and exisiting WP themes



The more I read these posts, the more I’m thinking that BP themes are trying to serve two purposes and some people want one.

If you want a BP site, then the BP theme framework could be “childed” and you’re good. If you want a heavly modified solution like, it seems that you are stripping the functionality of the BP theme and integrating it into a Child or your WP theme. In fact, for a CMS implementation, you might not even want the functions in the same templates as they exist in the BP theme.

To accomplish this, it seems Detective and others are saying you need to create a parent whose skin/functionality is based on a WP theme and whose additionally functionality is based on BP. When childed, this parent can supply the framework for the child which will inherit functionality from the parent and look/feel from it’s own CSS and functions. WIth Theme Hybrid, functions.php would be used to determine what info actually showed up in child and the CSS would determine how it looked.

The downside to all of this seems to be that we now have a combined BP/WP parent which could be awkward to upgrade particularly if there is substantial template overlap. Unless I’m mistaken this will need to be a future release issue.

Then again, I’m a noob and don’t know the complexities of BP or Hybrid.

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