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Re: New theme framework and exisiting WP themes

Andy Peatling


The best option is to set “Template: bp-sn-parent” in the WP theme’s style.css header. That will allow it to inherit all of the BuddyPress templates.

If that isn’t an option (perhaps the theme is already a child theme) then you will need to copy over the template files from bp-sn-parent into the wp theme. Just make sure you don’t replace any existing theme files.

You’ll will probably want to add the user navigation into the theme also, you can add the following lines to the bottom of header.php:

<?php if ( !bp_is_blog_page() && !bp_is_directory() && !bp_is_register_page() && !bp_is_activation_page() ) : ?>
<?php locate_template( array( 'userbar.php' ), true ) /* Load the user navigation */ ?>
<?php locate_template( array( 'optionsbar.php' ), true ) /* Load the currently displayed object navigation */ ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Once you’ve done that, BuddyPress pages will inherit all of the theme’s styles and its header and footer. You will of course need to add extra styles since WP themes only handle blog pages.

You can also try importing the bp-sn-parent screen styles into the WP theme’s style.css file. Depending on the theme, this may help to add layout to BuddyPress pages, but also stay within the WP theme’s look and feel.

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