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Re: New theme – now available



2nd progress report…

Just got back from a week with my Dad. Good news is: BuddyLite for BP1.2.5 is almost ready for release :-)

The CSS has been cleaned up and simplified to make it as easy as can be to create custom styles for this theme (just make a few mods to each of 6 on-screen elements and, BAM!, you’ve got your own unique style).
The 20-page illustrated users manual is finished; a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, how-to-customize-this guide for newbies.
I decided to include the widgetized footer panel in the freebie also, ‘cuz it just fits so well with the homepage.

I’ll be updating the theme for BP1.2.6 this coming weekend and, if all goes well, the 2 versions can be released together.

Then… work begins on the Premium version.
I’ve posted a few more screenshots to my little blog of what’s to come (to keep everyone’s mouths watering, I hope) ;-)

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