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Re: New theme – now available



Heads up!

The new version of BuddyLite is now available for download at

Full custom menu support and integrated navigation are included (no need for my Add-All-Nav-Links-to-BP-Adminbar plugin anymore with this version).
So are widgetized front-page, widgetized footer and full-width page templates.
Custom header support has been modified to reflect the header dimensions you set in the theme admin panel.
A custom-CSS section makes changing the look and feel of your theme a breeze.

Go ahead and grab it… and have fun! :-)

PS – I’m also working on keeping the theme up-to-date with the progress on BP1.3, so a compatible version will be available within a week or so of the release of BP1.3. With BP1.3, the BP-Default theme passes the WP theme review. So, the 1.3 version will be submitted to the themes repo and should be (hopefully) approved too!

(Now I’m off for some relaxation with a pizza and a movie… yum!)

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