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Re: New Twitter Plugin for BuddyPress



@Scotm : You’re using P2 as your home theme – is there way for users to get to their Settings page (as seen in the default BP theme) ? I ask because in order to tweet to Twitter a username and password is required, so a user has to configure that somewhere first.

With this plugin, it adds a new item to the Settings menu so that users can config their username and password. So if you’re somehow integrating the Settings menu into your site and users can access it to configure their Twitter login info then I can add a template tag that can be used in P2 so that you can easily add the required HTML elements to your P2 post form to cause a ‘tweet to twitter’ feature to work pretty easily.

So in short it’d work like this: You include the template tag in your post form template code and that tag will insert a checkbox that says something like “Also tweet this to Twitter”. If the user checks the box when making a post then a tweet will be sent to Twitter. And if they don’t have their Twitter login info configured then the checkbox won’t even appear in the form. Instead there would be a short message like “You can tweet this to Twitter if you configure your Twitter user name and password in your profile settings”

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