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Re: New users can't register



I’m using the bp-twentyten child theme that Adrea_r made. It’s great but it has this problem as well.

I was curious so, I filled out the registration page on my site and then I tried renaming the entire theme directory, and then clicked on the complete signup button. Got a blank surprise there. But after changing the theme directory back to normal, i refreshed the browser and got the next screen. This is the only way i’ve been able to complete a registration.

I’m sure there is something simple that will fix this, but i’d love to hear your opinions. I have no ‘old bp-theme’ folder as this is a fresh wp3.0 install with Andrea_r’s twentyten child theme.

Ps. Big thanks to Andrea_r! I don’t know how many of Andrea’s posts and tips i’ve used (as well as the new bp child theme), I really appreciate it!

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