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Re: New version of Forum Attachments for BuddyPress



Boone! Thanks so much. The 0.2.1 version seems to have the basics covered enough for me to be comfortable using it on a production site. A couple remaining things you might want to address:

BTW WP 2.9.2 BP default theme

If I “edit” an existing post in the forum it shows me the file uploading stuff, goes through the motions, but doesn’t actually upload anything. This is ok IMHO (not being able to add files to an existing post) but if that’s how things are meant to be maybe you could just not show the uploading buttons when the user is editing an existing instead of posting fresh? That way people aren’t confused. Especially since editing a post that already has an attachment only allows you to edit the text…the existing attachment doesn’t appear on the “edit” page.

Also there is still some type of conflict for me with Rich Fuller’s Forum Extras plugin wrapper. Either works, but when both are active my main /groups/ redirects to the site’s home page. Also groups will only show the “forum” tab for that group – clicking the tabs for other areas in the group (such “members” etc) change the URL but the forum remains visible instead of the intended area.

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