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Re: New version of Forum Attachments for BuddyPress



Things seem to be working, Boone, but the Big Hope that I had, inlining, isn’t working for me, still, sadly.

Couple of use-case notes that I hope will help you wrangle stuff:

1) Editing a comment with an attachment (image, in this case) shows browse buttons to add new attachments, but no sign of the image already attached before the Edit.

2) Editing a comment and trying to add another attachment doesn’t actually add the new one.

I’m doing this on a localhost.localdomain XAMMP install — don’t think that should matter, but just in case, I thought I’d mention.

kriskl, the very latest versions of this and the Forum Extras plugin are working for me in tandem (or at least, not broken other than what I mention above). Quote works fine — don’t have any other the other subplugins enabled other than the wrapper.

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