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Re: News as Widget



Thanks for the input. I chose burtadsit’s suggestion and it works fine, but I realize now that I need the News page as a widget or some other solution. Here’s my situation:

1. I don’t want to have member blogs, only users posting to the main blog, so that means not installing bp-blogs in order to hide it across the site.

2. I do need the recent blog posts to arrive on the buddypress-home theme, but without bp-blogs installed the widget isn’t available. So I’m thinking if I could get the News widgetized it would pull posts to the home page instead.

3. I could install bp-blogs to simpley get the widget (what I have right now), but that means removing all instances of ‘blog’ throughout the site including buddypress member areas and that seems like a bad route to go.

4. I have the Prologue post-form installed on the buddypress-home theme just above the three columns of widgets, thus eliminating any need for users to ever see the wpmu admin panel. This should allow me to keep all users as members vs. blog owners.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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