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Re: Next BPDEV plugin? Here your proposal

Flag Profile!: I think BP really could use profile moderation.

How Flag Profile could work:

1. The flag profile button could be displayed on the top of each user’s profile, on the bottom or on the side.

2. A user can click on this to “flag” the profile which sends a message (With a link to the profile in question) for moderators or admins. User can enter the reason for flagging or choose from a checkbox.

2a) In later versions, this could be put on a moderation menu kind of like a ticket system where more than 1 admin can go look and solve the issue.

3. Admins and moderators get message in their Inbox, and can go check out the profile in question. They can choose the option of “Warn” or “Delete”

3a) Moderation can be more automated to make less messages for admins. A threshold could be set (# of votes for a flag) before a problem profile makes the attention of admins/mods. A profile could be “hidden from view” until an admin makes a decision about it.

I mentioned this in the other forum as well: Photobucket plugin and/or photo uploads would be cool too.

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