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Re: Next BPDEV plugin? Here your proposal

Mike Pratt


Wow. I am so deep into BP now that all my requests re driven by my excitement for how much more we can do. Here’s a taste:

1. Facebook like image management

a. taggable with members

b. cross ref with groups

c. albums, etc.

d. geo tagging (ok that’s asking a lot!)

e. commentable

2. gpo1’s idea – events

a. full event , map integration functionality

b. association w/ groups ie a group event

3. integrated chat with online members

4. full featured address book/ friend management

a. friend groups

b. better message addressee handling

c. group messaging – ok these are more feature request than plugins

5. fully integrated content search

a. results by type (members, groups, posts, forums postings – a la FB)

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