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Re: next release dates for BP 1.1.3 / BP 1.2 ?

i checked the svn… no change… so they do not plan on making it tested right away, i would think Jeff is completely right about the version and release date… :)

i don’t like pushing projects to go quicker only to make some persons happy, so guys, take your time… lol

btw, i have plenty of job doing fixes on the engines i already have, porting my widgets and plugins to the latest version and try to make my themes more efficient with the actual structure of BP — because BP have a lot more css elements than the regular WP/MU, a lot of things have to be edited to make it fit with my themes… :)

…edit after Andy’s post: hey, if you need a founder’s help, just contact me… :) i have plenty of time working bugs and features out!

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